Hudson Ferry is focused on potential acquisitions that have the following attributes:

Targeted Investments

  • Niche manufacturers
  • Business services providers
  • Outsourcing providers

Financial Attributes

  • Enterprise Value: $15-$75 million
  • Revenue: $15-$75 million
  • EBITDA: $3-$12 million
  • Strong and growing free cash flow

Prospects for Value Creation

  • Organic growth
  • Ability to access new markets
  • Ability to broaden product or service offerings
  • Acquisitions
  • Manufacturing efficiencies

Market Position

  • Differentiated or proprietary product, service, distribution channel, process or technology
  • Meaningful cost advantage and/or high switching costs
  • Strong customer base
  • High barriers to entry


  • Strong management team financially committed to the transaction
  • Vision and desire to transition to the next level